Tullahoma, TN – Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories, LLC (GTL), an aerospace company, was recently awarded a NASA Phase II contract to develop Structural Nervous System™ (SNS™) technology.

The SNS™ technology is the fusion of high-performance composite structures with complex power and data wiring harnesses.  Instead of using bundles of wires to transmit data and power throughout an aerospace vehicle (e.g. rocket or aircraft), the SNS technology allows the load bearing structure to perform those functions.  Components can be simply “plugged-into” the advanced SNS composite structure, eliminating the need for separate wires.  This reduces the cost, mass and complexity of integrating aerospace vehicles.

In the Phase II effort, GTL will develop the first SNS products.  These SNS products will be demonstrated and tested in small scale and large-scale components.  These will include integrating SNS power and data systems into large composite beams, large composite tubes and airfoils.  These demonstrations will verify the maturity of the SNS technology and open the door to adoption by the aerospace industry to support NASA and DoD missions, along with commercial vehicles.

“The SNS technology is a breakthrough in how we design and develop aerospace vehicles,” said GTL President, Paul Gloyer, “Plug and play capability at the vehicle system level will reduce cost and increase the resiliency of aerospace vehicles.”

GTL is headquartered in Tullahoma, TN with additional offices in California and Utah. GTL is a high-technology company that specializes in providing transformational technologies to the aerospace industry such as composite cryogenic tanks, integrated airframes, specialty structural composites, aerospace system design and analysis, combustion stability analysis, and launch vehicle technologies.