Space Systems

ACE Launch Vehicles

While there have been many attempts to bring down space launch costs during the last 50 years, there has been little change to the launch vehicle cost curve. This should not be surprising since launch vehicles are still largely reliant on 1960’s technology. As with every other industry, a significant change in technology is required to transform the cost curve and achieve a new lower cost baseline for launch vehicles.

GTL has been developing a suite of transformational technologies that will shift launch vehicle cost baseline to a new normal. BHL™ composite cyrotank technology reduces launch vehicle propellant tank mass by 75% thereby doubling payload capability and cutting the cost/mass in half. The Superior Stability Engine™ (SSE™) technology eliminates rocket engine combustion instability, thereby dramatically reducing development risk and cutting engine development cost in half. An innovative pressurization system architecture achieves turbopump-type performance at liftoff without the cost and risk of turbopump systems.

Integrating these transformational technologies into the Advanced Cryogenic Expendable™ (ACE™) launch vehicle provides more than double the performance of conventional launch vehicles and provides greater than ten times reduction in launch cost, with less than $300/kg to orbit achievable in a large-class expendable launch vehicle.