Tullahoma, TN – Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories, LLC (GTL), an aerospace engineering research and development company, was recently awarded a NASA phase I SBIR to develop an all composite spherical cryogenic propellant tank using the company’s BHL™ Technology.

Over the last decade, GTL has been developing its BHL™ technology for cryogenic propellant storage and has demonstrated our ability to provide a 75% mass reduction compared to state-of-the-art tanks.  In a recent NASA Phase II SBIR, GTL demonstrated this performance and mass advantage of BHL™ technology with the design, fabrication and testing of a 4-ft diameter, high-pressure, lightweight, all-composite spherical cryogenic propellant tank.

In the upcoming Phase, I effort, GTL will perform a series of tests to mature the BHL technology towards TRL 6 for in-space applications using liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid methane (LCH4).  These tests include expanded liquid oxygen compatibility testing, helium permeation tests, and tests to measure the leak-tight strain margin.  These results will be used to refine the BHL™ cryogenic propellant tank design and guide the development of the Phase II plan.

For more information on GTL’s BHL™ technology, visit our website here: https://www.gtlcompany.com/what-we-do/composites/

Formed in 2004, GTL is headquartered in Tullahoma, TN with additional offices in California and Utah. GTL is a high-technology company that specializes in providing transformational technologies to the aerospace industry such as composite cryogenic tanks, integrated airframes, specialty structural composites, aerospace system design and analysis, combustion stability analysis, launch vehicle technologies and advanced flywheel systems for power storage.