Engineering Services

Design & Analysis

GTL is a world leader in rocket engine system and component design. GTL has demonstrated the ability to develop breakthrough technologies in advanced rocket systems. GTL’s in-house custom modeling capabilities and combustion instability experience allow for rapid and reliable engine design and support.

Modeling & Simulation

Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories offer a variety of simulation platforms to reach a broad market. These include commercial, proprietary, open source, and government softwares designed model solid mechanics, composite materials, fluid dynamics, orbital mechanics, and radiation physics.

Software Development

Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories offers partnership opportunities to bring research codes to market or in support of other development endeavors. GTL has been engaged in a variety of software development efforts since the founding of the company. GTL has a rich history of algorithm development for both internal and commercial demands as well as for government partners tackling modern engineering problems. At present, their pursuits in the arena of combustion instability modeling have led to the development of the commercially-available RESONANCE™ software for computing resonant acoustics modes in aerospace applications. In partnership with NASA Langley, GTL developed a deployable software package, NDAT™ (Nonlinear Data Analysis Tool) to analyze experimental pressure measurements where nonlinear instabilities are present. Complementary, SimDAT™ (Simulation Data Analysis Tool) offers expanded data analysis capabilities directed towards computational solutions. This work has also spun-off a variety of other computational algorithms targeted at solutions for unsteady fluid dynamics problems including hydrodynamics, thermal-acoustics, vortical-acoustics, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, and even direct numeric simulation. These tools are written in a variety of languages including C++, FORTRAN, Python, and Matlab.

Fabrication & Testing

GTL is very experienced in advanced composite fabrication and testing. GTL has performed numerous cryogenic experiments, including large scale cryogenic cryo-pressure-structural load testing. GTL has in-house apparatus for cryo-burst testing and cryo-flow testing.

Education & Training

Our team includes former faculty and experienced engineers ready to provide educational short courses and software training seminars. Presently, GTL offers short courses in combustion instability, propulsion, and orbital mechanics, and training in our RESONANCE™ and SimDAT™ software.