Paul Gloyer – President

Mr. Paul Gloyer is an experienced executive and accomplished program manager. He has 25 years of experience delivering technical solutions the aerospace industry’s most challenging problems. He has led efforts to develop a wide variety of aerospace systems, including the PA-X suborbital rocket, the PA-E15k rocket engine, the SPORT orbit transfer vehicle, and the Encounter solar-sail craft. His experience has paved the way for a wide spectrum of projects at GTL ranging from small, integrated technical systems, to large complex space mission architectures and aerospace systems. Mr. Gloyer is supported by a team of engineers and partners that provide GTL with leading technical expertise in four core technology areas: space launch systems, propulsion systems, composite structures, and combustion instability modeling and analysis.

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering – The University of Kansas

Master’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering – The University of Tennessee Space Institute

Tim Lewis – Partner/Vice-President

Mr. Tim Lewis is a partner and the Vice President of Operations and Business Development. He has more than 25 years of experience in the communications, aerospace, electronic products, and advanced materials industries and has a successful track record of building profitable businesses in varied high-technology industries. Previously, he was Sr. Director, General Manager and a member of QUALCOMM’s Executive Staff running their Wireless Business Solutions CE Division. Mr. Lewis has also held senior management positions with ORBCOMM Enterprises LLC, Orbital Sciences Corporation, and Hercules Chemical Company. He holds commendations from the US Army for the successful design, development, and flight test of the first maneuvering tactical target vehicle as well as NASA commendations for successfully designing, developing, and test firing the USFE liquid engine. He has written over 18 AIAA papers resulting in multiple awards.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – University of Utah

Master of Business Administration – University of Southern California

Zachary Taylor – Partner/Vice-President

Mr. Zachary Taylor is a partner and the Vice President of Engineering. He has extensive experience in the design, fabrication, and testing of a broad range of composite structures, including pressure vessels (rockets, satellite, and commercial), rocket structures, wings, and fins. Additionally, Mr. Taylor is experienced in product development and has matured products including cutting-edge scuba diving gear, ergonomic computer furniture, automated displays and synthetic lumber. His design skills are backed by many years of practical shop experience, including most composites, metals, thermoplastics, and ceramics processes. Furthermore, Mr. Taylor is an experienced manager and has directed teams of engineers and technicians through all stages of the development process including design, analysis, fabrication and commercial production.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – California Polytechnic University, Pomona

Gary Flandro – Chief Engineer

Dr. Gary Flandro is one of the leading experts in combustion instability, fluid dynamics, and aerospace systems. As a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, Dr. Flandro has a broad range of knowledge and capabilities encompassing fluid dynamics, mechanical and systems engineering, propulsion and combustion instability. Early in his career, Dr. Flandro gained notoriety with his discovery of the Grand Tour opportunity leading to the successful first and second Voyager explorations. Over the past 40 years, he has been dedicated to solving challenging problems related to combustion instability. Dr. Flandro’s breakthroughs in combustion instability analysis, which form the basis of UCDS Model, has provided an unprecedented capability to accurately predict the stability of steady flow combustion devices.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – University of Utah

Masters in Aeronautics – California Institute of Technology

Ph.D. – California Institute of Technology

Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics