GTL’s technology incubation process provides a framework to work with inventors to mature promising transformational technologies and develop them into thriving businesses. When GTL finds or is approached with, a technology that has the potential to be transformational, GTL teams with the inventor in a mutually beneficial arrangement that usually includes the creation of a Research and Development (R&D) Group. The R&D Group performs a full range of activities to advance the technology, including technical research, product development, pursuing funding (grants, contracts, investment, etc.), business development (patenting, sales and marketing), and business organization. This R&D Group operates within GTL’s established business structure, until the R&D Group has grown enough, in revenue and technical maturity, that it is self-sustaining and capable of becoming a stand-alone business unit. GTL currently has several R&D Groups in operation at a range of technical and business maturity levels. GTL is actively seeking inventors with promising technologies that are interested in teaming with GTL to achieve the full potential of the technology and business opportunity.


In the past decade, GTL has successfully developed several technologies in our incubation process. These technologies have advanced to the point (TRL 6+) where GTL is actively using them in system designs and offering them to customers.

BHL Composite Cryotanks – GTL is currently applying BHL composite cryotank technology to develop propellant tanks for the ACE launch vehicle and NASA’s Morpheus Lander.

Universal Combustion Device Stability (UCDS™) – GTL is actively applying UCDS technology to address combustion instability in propulsion systems. UCDS was successfully used to improve the design of a hybrid rocket motor that was “the most stable hybrid motor” the customer had ever seen. UCDS is also being used in the development of the SSE-5k engine.

Superior Stability Engine – GTL is currently applying the SSE technology in the design of the SSE-5k engine. GTL is also using the SSE technology to scale the engine and is currently working on the design of a 50,000 lbf thrust and 250,000 lbf thrust versions of the engine (SSE-50k and SSE-250k).


GTL is actively seeking inventors with revolutionary and game-changing technologies that offer the potential for transforming their respective industries. For those technologies that meet GTL’s criteria and can benefit from GTL’s incubation approach, GTL will seek to negotiate a mutually beneficial business deal with the inventors to place the technology in a new R&D Group. Inventors can contract GTL at 931-455-7330.