Emerging Technologies

Power Storage

GTL’s Advanced Flywheel Power Storage R&D group is dedicated to providing a cost-effective means of power grid load-leveling. Through the incorporation of flywheel technology to efficiently storing energy, intermittent power sources, such as solar, wind, and tidal motion, can be more effectively utilized at a reduced cost. GTL is working with flywheel technology inventors to build upon the initial developments to create a self-sustaining business. This includes seeking funding (grants, contracts, and investment), developing a prototype flywheel power storage device, and preparing the flywheel power storage business and organizational plan. GTL has already made substantial progress in developing this technology through multiple SBIR projects.

Radiation Shielding

GTL has experience in radiation transport simulations and designing shields for spacecraft. GTL uses GEANT4 simulation software because of its high accuracy to real world models. Through these simulations, GTL can determine the shielding characteristics of structures and how best to protect sensitive payloads.