Resonance Software

RESONANCE is a remarkably accurate diagnostics tool designed to help our customers design better products. Enclosed volumes such as combustion chambers tend to vibrate at their natural frequencies. RESONANCE calculates the normal acoustic modes, including mode shapes, complex frequencies, and phase relationships with the influence of mixed subsonic, transonic and supersonic flow. RESONANCE can calculate the resonant mode shapes and frequencies for cavities and chambers in hours. It is a powerfully predictive tool that provides direct diagnostic insight into why behavior occurs, leading the way for innovation. Through efficiency and accuracy RESONANCE saves our customers time and money in the development process. Learn More


Aerospace Products & Services

GTL has significant experience and capabilities in aerospace systems, propulsion, structures, advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. We have full systems integration experience and capabilities. Our teams have designed, integrated and flown complete launch and air vehicles successfully. We are ready to support your technology development and commercialization needs. We specialize in developing elegant solutions to complex problems, and in translating innovation into working hardware and products.


UCDS – Engineering Analysis Tools

GTL is a recognized leader in combustion device design, analysis and stability. GTL has developed a breakthrough capability that tells you not only what will happen within your combustion device but more critically why it will happen and where and what is causing it.

The Universal Combustion Device Stability (UCDS) framework is an Engineering Analysis Tool that provides detailed physical insight into the stability characteristics of complex combustion devices.



GTL has developed a variety of propulsion components, systems and technologies. Some of these are listed below:

  • PA-E Liquid Rocket Engine
  • PA-X Suborbital Rocket
  • PA-2 Small Launch Vehicle

Integrated Airframes & Structures

  • PA-X Helium Tank
  • PA-X LOX Tank
  • Space Plane Technology Demonstrator
  • Full-scale USFE Common Bulkhead Tank and Integral Structure
  • Advanced Cryogenic Composite Tank
  • Integrated Airframe for Reusable Launch Vehicle

Power Storage Systems

GTL is developing a breakthrough in high-energy flywheel performance that will provide 2-3 times the performance of todays flywheels once development is complete. High-energy flywheels can provide clean, responsive, and reliable performance in multiple electric power applications.


Renewable Energy

GTL is developing an all composite ocean power generation system called BluFlo Energy. BluFlo has the potential to not only dramatically lower the cost of electricity but will generate it from a completely clean and renewable source – our oceans. Read More